About Us

The institution is now one of the upcoming niche of the happenings in the Global Plethora as the achievements of today gives us the scenario of our past memory lanes of this school.To fall under the scanner of vivid educational surveyors is itself a saga to unfold.

In a sprawling campus amidst the rural surrounding with a only known Horticultural Research Centre, Hesarghatta, around stands along the committed concrete building to impart ‘Quality Education with Holistic Approach’ and imbibing Moral and Ethical values to every budding kid of in and around Doddabyalakere vicinity.


Our vision is to create a congenial environment for every student and teacher to nurture their interest and retain their uniqueness. We believe in attempting to bring out intelligent, rational, scientific, independent, creative, analytical, socially-skilled, forward-thinking youngsters, capable of changing the world. Our students are not mere children but the visions of our country.

Our wish is to provide the best education for every child to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually; become courageous, self-disciplined and self-motivated. We hope to create an environment for every child to explore his/her individuality, creativity and passion in life. We believe that Education is not for mere reading and writing, Education must be education for life. Only when the child can relate education to his life, his interest will be kept alive.

From Principal's Desk

Mrs. Vani Gopal

Our learning is focused on preparing our students for their future. We use a cross-curricular integrated approach for planning student programmes. Our school inquiry learning model underpins much of our student work, with a focus on rich tasks and purposeful, real-life contexts. Our digital technology is extensive and well utilised. Analysis of student achievement data shows that most of our students achieve at or above national expectations in reading, writing and mathematics.

St.Philomena's Public School, Doddabyalakere, Shivakote - Hesaraghatta Road, Bangaluru-560089.

Email: stphilomenas118@gmail.com
Phone: 9480091189 / 9845036582